Ocotillo Wind Tribal Mitigation Program

GRANT APPLICATION FORM (Limited to the Program's Eligible Tribes)

Barona Band of Diegueno Indians 
Cocopah Indian Tribe 
Ewiiaapaayp Band of Kumeyaay Indians 
Fort Yuma Quechan Indian Tribe 
Torres-Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians 


The Ocotillo Wind Tribal Mitigation Program (the Program) was established by Ocotillo Express LLC as part of their overall charitable commitment to the residents of Imperial County, CA and local federally recognized Native American Tribes. The Program was created to mitigate the impacts of the Ocotillo Wind Project (the Project), which was built on and around an area which has been recognized as being of great importance and cultural significance to the region’s Native American Tribes.

Based on the magnitude and longevity of the Program, and a strong desire to partner with a trusted community organization, Ocotillo Express LLC has chosen for the Program to be administered by the Imperial Valley Community Foundation (IVCF). IVCF strives to improve the quality of life for Imperial Valley residents by being a champion of philanthropy, assisting donors in fulfilling their charitable goals, developing relationships and strengthening local nonprofit organizations and leaders, being a catalyst for change and innovation, being a steward for conservation and preserving local cultural, biological and habitat resources, and building and preserving charitable assets that will benefit the Imperial Valley for generations to come.


Tribes participating through the Program at the Imperial Valley Community Foundation will be supported through a charitable fund established in the name and for the benefit of each Eligible Tribe. The following five funds have been created at IVCF as part of the Program:

  1. Ocotillo Wind Cultural Preservation Fund for the Barona Band of Diegueno Indians
  2. Ocotillo Wind Cultural Preservation Fund for the Cocopah Indian Tribe;
  3. Ocotillo Wind Cultural Preservation Fund for the Ewiiaapaayp Band of Kumeyaay Indians;
  4. Ocotillo Wind Cultural Preservation Fund for the Fort Yuma Quechan Indian Tribe; and the
  5. Ocotillo Wind Cultural Preservation Fund for the Torres-Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians.


The purpose of the Program is to support culturally significant activities in order to preserve and strengthen the culture, history and traditions of the Eligible Tribes.

Grants from the Funds are expected to support any or all of the following activities:

  1. Tribal Monitor Training;
  2. Curation Management and Conservation Training;
  3. Tribal Annual Gathering;
  4. College Scholarships;
  5. Linguistics Programs;
  6. Outreach Programs; and/or
  7. Ethnography Studies.


IVCF respectfully requires each Eligible Tribe to submit a grant application for all grant requests, identifying which eligible activity will be supported with the grant, and also the intended impact of the grant, if approved. Grant applications (requests) submitted by the Eligible Tribes are subject to IVCF Board approval.

For each grant requested from the Funds, a grant report to IVCF is due within sixty (60) days of the expenditure of grant funds for the purpose of informing IVCF and Founder on how the grant funds were spent, which activity or activities the grants were used to support, and the impact of the grants.

Eligible Tribes may only request grant monies from the single and specific Fund which has been set up for their benefit. However, Eligible Tribes are encouraged to work together and leverage the resources in order to maximize the impact and effectiveness of the grant dollars, if and when possible. Grants may be used to leverage additional community resources, build partnerships and strengthen tribal relationships to help measure and sustain the  collective efforts of the Eligible Tribes, provided that the grants shall not be used for purposes other than those described above.

Eligible Tribes will be required to submit a brief grant report/narrative to IVCF within sixty (60) days of the expenditure for each grant received. The grant report will a) demonstrate how grant funds were used and what their impact was/is, b) serve as an educational tool to help IVCF better understand and learn about the Eligible Tribes and identify how IVCF may be able to assist in serving the Tribes through future programs, grant opportunities, partnerships, etc., and c) provide IVCF with a record of accountability and that maintains that the grant monies were used for the intended purpose.

GRANT APPLICATION FORM (Limited to the Program's Eligible Tribes)