Ocotillo Wind Education Fund

The OCOTILLO WIND EDUCATION FUND supports initiatives and programs that enhance and advance Education and Educational Opportunities benefitting the Imperial Valley. Grants from this fund are selected through a competitive application process.
The grant application window for the 2022 Ocotillo Wind Education Fund grant program was September 1, 2022 through October 14, 2022. Applications submitted during the RFP period are currently under review.
A total of $29,600 is available for this grant cycle. Applications are limited to a maximum $10,000 request. No single award will exceed $10,000.
Funding Priorities
Proposals related to the following areas and focus of work will receive the strongest consideration for funding:
1. Invest in early child development.
2. Increase high school graduation rates.
3. Increase student achievement for students in all subject matter, with a special emphasis on acquiring the fundamental skills necessary to master reading and mathematics, graduate from high school, and transition to college or a meaningful career.
4. Improve the quality of out-of-school programs.
5. Develop educational leaders who support academic proficiency, social engagement, and the rights of every student to learn.
6. Develop pathways to meaningful employment.
7. Expand higher learning opportunities and services.
8. Deliver high quality teaching and learning in all core curricular areas.
9. Raise standards and expectations, capacity building, and infrastructure which sustain continuous school improvement.
10. Strengthen teacher and school leader preparation.
11. Encourage and development parental engagement in supporting their children's academic success.
* Other ideas for project work not listed above are invited and will be considered. We recognize that education is such a large field, that there may be extremely novel programs and other important priorities that may not have been included in the list above.
Eligible applicants include qualified 501c3 organizations and public institutions or other entities (such as schools and school districts) that have a designated charitable purpose.
Applicants must be Imperial Valley-serving organizations. Organizations headquartered outside of Imperial County must demonstrate significant service to the area.
Organizations with religious affiliations will be considered for funding only if the project for which they seek support attempts to address the needs of the wider community without regard to religious beliefs.
Desireable Project Characteristics
We are receptive to impactful proposals that:
a. Demonstrate relevance and ensure that the project enhances learning and academic success.
b. Are able to provide measurable results within one year from commencement of this project, even if part of a multi-year project.
c. Have the potential to be scaled up or expanded.
d. Can be grown and replicated.
e. Benefit from and encourage collaborative work, and bring public and private partners together with nonprofit organizations.
f. Demonstrate knowledge of the sector and its trends.
g. Identify target population to be reached and the justification for that focus.
h. Provide clear benchmarks for measuring success/progress.
Guided by our core values and bylaws, grants will not be awarded for:
a. Organizations that discriminate on the basis of age, disability, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, race or religion.
b. Fraternal organizations, unless in support of a specific program open to or benefiting the entire community relevant to this grant.
c. Fundraising events such as annual campaigns, walkathons, tournaments, fashion shows, auctions or dinners, etc.
d. Paying off debts or existing obligations.
e. Endowment funds.
f. Scholarships, fellowships, or travel grants.
Grant Recipients
  • Imperial County Historical Society ($7,600)
  • Imperial Unified School District / Tigerbotics ($10,000)
  • Imperial Valley LGBT Resource Center ($2,000)
  • Sacred Heart School ($5,000)
  • St. Mary's School ($5,000)
2021 (B)
  • CASA of Imperial County ($9,100)
  • Imperial Valley Desert Museum ($10,000)
  • Best S.T.E.P. Forward ($10,000)
2021 (A)
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Imperial Valley ($8,860)
  • Mom-Sense ($7,500)
  • Imperial Regional Alliance ($5,000)
  • Friends of CETYS Foundation ($5,000)
  • Imperial Valley Desert Museum ($10,000)
  • United Way of Imperial County ($5,000)
  • Cycle II: Boys & Girls Clubs of Imperial Valley ($6,000)
  • Cycle II: Circle of Friends: Path to Inclusion / Calexico Unified School District ($10,000)
  • Cycle II: Imperial County Child Abuse Prevention Council ($7,750)
  • Cycle II: Mom-Sense ($5,000)
  • Cycle II: UC Desert Research Extension Center ($7,750)
  • Cycle I: CASA of Imperial County ($8,500)
  • Cycle I: Imperial Valley Small Business Development Center ($5,000)
  • ​Boys & Girls Clubs of Imperial Valley ($10,000)
  • Imperial County Child Abuse Prevention Council ($5,000)
  • Imperial Unified School District / Imperial Valley Discovery Zone ($5,000)
  • Sister Evelyn Mourey Center ($5,000)


  • Court Appointed Special Advocates of Imperial County ($8,100)
  • Imperial County Film Commission ($5,000)
  • Imperial Regional Alliance ($5,000)
  • Imperial Valley Desert Museum ($2,900)
  • Soroptimist International of El Centro ($4,000)


  • El Centrol Regional Medical Center Foundation ($10,000)
  • Imperial County Child Abuse Prevention Council ($8,000)
  • United Way of Imperial County ($7,000)


  • Court Appointed Special Advocates of Imperial County ($10,000)
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Imperial Valley ($6,000)
  • Imperial Valley Desert Museum ($5,000)
  • Central Union High School Robotics ($4,000)


  • Court Appointed Special Advocates of Imperial County ($10,000)
  • El Centro Regional Medical Center Foundation ($10,000)
  • Seeley Community Church / SCC Library & Education Center ($5,000)