Ocotillo Wind Community Benefits Program

The Ocotillo Wind Community Benefits Program (the Program) was established at the Imperial Valley Community Foundation (IVCF) in fulfillment of a promise made to the residents of Imperial Valley by Ocotillo Express LLC as part of a charitable commitment to the community at the start of their Ocotillo Wind Project (the Project) in Imperial Valley.
Ocotillo Express LLC has committed $3M dollars to address the region’s greatest challenges, needs and opportunities through three separate endowment funds which each support the core goal of improving the quality of life in Imperial Valley. The three funds – the Ocotillo Wind Community Fund, the Ocotillo Wind Education Fund, and the Ocotillo Wind Imperial Valley Fund – have all been established with initial gifts of $500,000 consisting of a $475,000 endowment and a $25,000 contribution earmarked for inaugural grant cycles.
The remaining $1.5M of Ocotillo Express LLC’s commitment will be gifted equally and annually to the Program’s funds, ensuring that for the next twenty years, there will be at least $25,000 for grant opportunities per year to support local organizations and causes from each fund. After Ocotillo Express LLC’s pledge has been met, grant opportunities will continue to be offered and made possible through earnings and available distributions from each endowment fund.
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