Open A Fund

The Imperial Valley Community Foundation enhances our community by working with individuals, businesses and organizations to set up charitable funds that are then managed at The Foundation. Grants from these funds support charitable groups and programs working to improve the quality of life in Imperial County.

With a myriad of philanthropic partners, the Imperial Valley Community Foundation supports nonprofit organizations and public institutions in fields such as the environment, science and technology, the arts, civic engagement, education, health and human services and other areas of need.

A charitable giving fund provides a flexible, tax-advantaged solution for making a difference in your community. We're here to help you every step of the way to establish a fund that matches your charitable intentions.

Let us help you design a personal and meaningful giving strategy.

If you would like to open a fund with us, call or email to make an appointment.  In advance, take the following questions into consideration when deciding what kind of fund to open:

What type of fund do you want?

  • Endowment
  • Non-endowment

What will be the name of the fund?

What is the charitable purpose of the fund?

Will this be funded with current assets or through your estate?

If it will be funded with current assets, with what current assets will the fund be established?

  • Cash
  • Appreciated Real Estate
  • Appreciated Securities
  • Other

How will decisions about grants made from the fund be determined?

  • By IVCF's Board of Directors
  • Recommended by donors
  • Recommended by a family or other group
  • Go directly to a specified organization