Ocotillo Wind Community Fund

The OCOTILLO WIND COMMUNITY FUND supports the communities of Ocotillo and No Mirage through each of the following areas:

Community: Initiatives that improve the local community and quality of life for residents, including community events and revitalization projects.

Youth: Initiatives meeting the needs of children and youth development through education, recreation or safety.

Health and Wellness: Initiatives building and supporting individual and community health and wellness.

Education: Initiatives providing opportunities for individual growth through academic, vocational or life skills education.

The Ocotillo Wind Community Fund has a fund advisory committee, which includes residents of Ocotillo and No Mirage, along with a representative from IVCF. The advisory committee is involved in determining when to offer annual grant cycles, reviewing proposals, and making grant recommendations to the Board of Directors of IVCF.

So far, the OWCF has supported cleanup projects resulting in the collection of nearly 1,031 tons (over 2 million pounds) of trash including tires, household waste, electronics, brush, etc. in addition to hazardous materials (i.e. paint, oil, etc.) being collected and removed from Ocotillo and No Mirage. The cleanup projects have also provided direct assistance to property owners and individuals who need an extra hand to remove large items, etc.

The OWCF has also contributed to the back-to-school shopping program to help local youth to purchase new clothing and school supplies coordinated by the Desert Volunteers Optimist Club.

And, the OWCF has contributed to the installation and maintenance of a security camera system at the Ocotillo Community Center to help safeguard the local community, businesses and roadways, as well as protecting the local water system.

The Foundation and OWCF are committed to supporting meaningful projects which benefit the communities of Ocotillo and No Mirage.

Please understand that we will do our best to be responsive to community needs, and that funding priorities and programs may change from time to time as needs evolve and other needs are met. We appreciate the community's patience, understanding and support as we work to invest in meaningful projects and programs that improve the local quality of life, and will have a positive and wide impact on the community as a whole.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for meaningful projects that will benefit the residents of Ocotillo and No Mirage, please feel free to call our office at (760) 336-0055, or email Bobby Brock at bobby@ivcommunityfoundation.org.