Community Funds

Each of our "Community Funds" is a proud affiliate of the Imperial Valley Community Foundation, committed to the financial support of organizations, projects and programs dedicated to improving the lives of those who live, work and play in those communities and to ensure that these funds will benefit each respective community in perpetuity through a community endowment.

IVCF's Community Funds will:
  • Meet emerging needs by encouraging and increasing responsible and effective philanthropy by and for the benefit of each community and its residents,
  • Build an endowment for that community (resources that will benefit the community for years and generations to come),
  • Provide funding annually through meaningful grant making programs to local organizations and causes, and 
  • Give residents and others that want to support their community a vehicle for legacy planning and gifts that will benefit the the place they care about most - now and forever.
An endowment preserves and increases a charitable gift permanently because the original gift is never spent. Only a portion of the earnings from its investment are granted out each year, so the endowment remains and grows. This is a powerful tool for leaving a legacy and supporting a beloved cause or organization.
Through your membership you join other passionate individuals in determining how critical funding dollars are spent for the community's benefit. You also enjoy fellowship with other members and hometown residents through a variety of events, committees and celebrations.
75% of your gift will be invested in a permanent endowment so that funding can be provided to benefit your selected community in perpetuity. The remaining 25% of your donation will be available for grant making to meet immediate or future needs as identified and recommended by the Community Fund's Advisory Committee.
Our five current Community Funds in existence include funds for the cities and areas of Brawley, Calexico, El Centro, Imperial, and Holtville. 
For more information or to learn how you can support or become involved with one of our Community Funds contact Bobby Brock, President/CEO at (760) 336-0055 or